Надання послуг


One of the most relevant issues of the functioning of the parliament, as the last experience of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament of Ukraine)’ shows, is the involvement of professional lawyers in the legislative process.

The quality of laws, which are adopted by members of a parliament, calls a lot of criticism in the legal expert environment as well by general public.

У таких умовах на перший план виходить надання професійних юридичних послуг з підготовки проектів законів, постанов, інших актів Верховної Ради України.

In fact, we have two problems. The first one is lack of sufficient knowledge and skills needed to implement the authors’ idea, that leads to impossibility of its adoption by the parliament and further implementation. The second one is evident absurdity of provisions of a draft law, as a result of lack of understanding of law-making requirements. . Under such conditions the professional legal assistance in drafting laws and other acts of a parliament is getting more relevant.

The high quality of a draft law is the integral part of an initiator’s image.

Besides that, one of key elements of the legislative activity of a parliament is amendments and propositions’ development.

Professionally formulated amendments and propositions to a draft law can cardinally change its substance required by the position of the author.

One of the key rights of a parliamentarian is the possibility to appeal to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, which is realized together with other members of the Parliament – no less than forty-five. The Constitutional Court of Ukraine rules regarding such appeal on issues of conformity with the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutionality) of the laws and other legal acts of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, acts of the President of Ukraine, acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, legal acts of the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Laws and other legal acts, in whole or in part, can be deemed unconstitutional by the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

According to similar procedure the Constitutional Court of Ukraine rules issues regarding official interpretation of the Constitution of Ukraine.

Cconstitutional appeal is one of effective instruments to be used by a member of parliament to protect electors’ interests.

Besides, in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the right to appeal to Constitutional Court of Ukraine have: the President of Ukraine, the Supreme Court, the Authorised Human Rights Representative of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.


Legislation guarantees the right of every member of the parliament to send a deputy’s enquiry or deputy’s petition to state and local self-government bodies, companies, institutions, organizations.

Decision on forwarding an inquiry shall be adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, whereas deputy’s petition is signed and sent by a parliamentarian individually.

The time limit for a deputy’s inquiry must be not more 15 days, and for a deputy’s petition – not more 10 days following its receiving. In exceptional cases only this term can be prolonged.

The failure to follow the time limits for deputy’s inquiry or deputy’s petition, the providing of incorrect information or denial of information leads to liability. Due to deputy’s inquiry and deputy’s petition every parliamentarian has a possibility not only to submit proposals on the functioning of state and local self-government bodies, companies, institutions, organizations, but also demand to stop the illegal act of officials.


Preparing contract for individuals and legal entities is one of key activities. Professional and efficient development of contracts - is a guarantee of avoiding problems in it implementation and application of its provisions in the future.

Besides, one of the main competencies is drafting of various internal normative documents, which are used in the functioning of companies, institutions, organizations, such as: statutes, rules, provisions etc. Development of such documents on professional basis will allow a relevant organization to optimize its activity and protect rights and legitimate interests of its members.


In the list of legal services an important place belongs to individuals and entities’ representation in courts, and in their relationships with state and local self-government bodies and companies, institutions, organizations.

In spite of criticism, which is taking place in the mass media regarding bodies of the judiciary over recent years, only a court is the unique instrument of peaceful civilized solution of disputes

In this context the skills to defend own position in court hearings and efficient development ring of various procedural documents: claims, appeals, applications etc, are relevant

Besides, a professional legal assistance allows rights to be protected from illegal acts and largely contributes to the achievement of other purposes in a legitimate manner.

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